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Termites: Signs They Are Returning

It’s spring, which means the world is coming back to life. Flowers are blooming and animals are coming out of hiding and the world is becoming warmer. Although there are many benefits to the spring, there is one that many people do not like: termites.

Termites are pests that feed off your home. They are small and always travel in an extremely large group. All these insects eat is wood, which is found throughout a home. Termites may take their time to eat through your house, but most of the time, it is very rapid. With all the property damage that these pests cause, you need to make sure you are not being affected. Here are the signs that termites are making a comeback for the season on your home.

1. Swarms

If you see a swarm, that is a sure sign that these pests are invading. Termites are always with the colony.  It is very rare to find one without the rest. Seeing even a few termites should be enough of a sign to look for more.

2. Wings

This may sound strange, but termites shed their wings and leave them behind. If you start finding wings laying around your home, you may want to call in pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection to help you find where these insects are eating away at your home.

3. Mud Tubes

Most termites make tunnels out of mud to help them get from the colony to the food source. In this case, the food source would be your home. Termites crawl from one place to another, which is why they have the mud tubes. This keeps them protected as they go from your home to their home. If you see random tubes made of mud outside your home, then you know there is a problem.

4. Cracked/Bubbling Paint

When your walls start becoming cracked or randomly getting bubbles, there is a good chance you have termites in your walls. They are eating away at the wood underneath the paint, which is why it either cracks or bubbles. There is nothing for the paint to be on anymore! This could help save your walls before they become non-existent.

 5. Follow Floors

Like the cracked or bubbling paint, hollow floors could be a key sign of termites in the home. The termites begin at the foundation of the house and continue eating until there is nothing left. Stopping them before they get the floor is the key to saving your house. Once they make their way to the top, they most likely ate your foundation away, which means your house is in jeopardy.

All of these key signs could save your home from being destroyed. These pests sneak their way into your home and eat away at everything. If you notice any of these signs in your home, contact a pest control professional like UltraPro Pest Protection so they can find the source of the issue. Once they figure out the issue, they can work on saving your from these pests now and in the future.

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