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Residential & Commercial Pest Control Specialists

Residential & Commercial
Pest Control Specialists

Our professional exterminators can handle any type of pest problem, for
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5.0 Star Google Reviews You Can Trust

5.0 Star Google Reviews You Can Trust

With Ultrapro Pest Protection, we put preventative measures first! Just read our reviews from previous happy customers!


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5.0 Star Google Reviews You Can Trust

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We’re committed to environmentally friendly pest control and are dedicated to exterminating and removing unwanted pests while protecting our environment.

— A trusted, essential services company for pest control in NJ and NY —

Why ChooseUltraPro Pest Protection?

When considering pest control in NJ and NY, UltraPro Pest Protection uses technologically advanced pest control programs, coupled with highly trained service professionals who focus on preventive measures that safeguard your home and business through integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.

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Ultrapro Pest Protection is a full-service pest management company serving the NJ/NY area. We’ve spent eight years in business as a reliable service provider eradicating various forms of pests, insects, and bugs from commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential properties. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, We also have a emergency lines 24 hrs. Give us a call today!

Exterminating Services

Have you seen an overrun of pests in your home or business lately? Ultrapro Pest Protection is your leader in pest management. We provide full pest control services to residential and commercial clients in New York and New Jersey.

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Based on 175 reviews
Denise Egan
Denise Egan
Found a hugh hornet nest in our pine tree in Sunday, spoke with owner Sunday night, a tech was here Monday (very stormy day too) between the rain.. and took care of exterminating and removing the hornet nest.Thank you and we would use them again if needed
Terry Axel
Terry Axel
The best company I had used Took care of mice issues Plugged up holes Just very caring company All of the workers are top notch Sinclair came today Renewed the contract These guys are great and appreciate there professionalism Highly recommend them Thank you!
Waleska Gonzalez
Waleska Gonzalez
Mike Simms is Extremely Professional and Personable. He is a great representative for Ultra Pro . He always arrives on time and he is very informative about his process Never rushed and always answered all questions with a smile.
Megan Mills
Megan Mills
Sinclair at UltraPro is the best! He is always efficient and friendly and my apartment has been pest free thanks to his services.
Jan Pesce
Jan Pesce
Sinclair is the person assigned to the building I'm living in and he is excellent! He makes sure I have everything I need to combat the ever growing rodent issues in NYC. He even helped get the heat turned on in my building when we didn't have any.
Rob Brusco
Rob Brusco
Professional and very thorough service
Edward Schiro
Edward Schiro
Sinclair did a great job at our house today! He was on time and very courteous. We have been using UltraPro for a few years now and our cricket problem has disappeared. Highly recommend.
Maria V Ticzon
Maria V Ticzon
Sinclair did a great job at our house! We had the beginnings of a mouse migration into the house, and UltraPro has been very responsive. Above all, their treatment is working, and it seems that the problem is pretty much solved.
Guy G.
Guy G.
Just wanted to say what a good job Sinclair B. is doing in keeping our building pest free. He always arrives on his appointed days and is friendly and conscientious.
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Pests bothering you? We’ll handle it!

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