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Home Blog Are Mice Headed into Your Home? Or are they already inside?

Are Mice Headed into Your Home? Or are they already inside?

Don’t let rodents spoil the holidays.

Mice will marvel you in the way the can enter your house. They can barely be considered a solid matter in the way they can contort their bodies and squeeze through holes as small as a quarter of an inch. They can make it onto window sills by running up most vertical surfaces including brick, wood, cables, or pipes and then leap anywhere from a 12 to 38 inches. Once in, they can fall from as high of 8 feet and begin their search for food. Mice are masters of intrusion.

The summer has long gone. As the cold weather kicks up in New Jersey and New York, you can expect that mice are going to be breaking into homes to dorm for the winter. Now is going to be the time that homeowners and store owners that do not want to be dealing with a rodent infestation need to start taking preventative measures. If you aren’t prepared they will find a way into your home; whether it’s by squeezing, climbing or chewing their way in.

So what can you do to keep mice out?

Well, you can try ultrasonic noise makers, peppermint oil, or even mothballs as repellants, but none of these are conclusive methods. One treatment that you can do on your own is to search the exterior of your home for entry points or have a professional do the dirty work since they will have a better eye for possible entranceways. Cracks or holes in doorways, windows, and in the foundation are all ways mice can enter your home. Once you learn where the problem spots are, then you can better guard your home by closing up the holes or setting traps.

If you suspect a mouse already taking up residence in your home, then keep an eye out for the clear indicators. Rodent droppings are an instant confirmation of a pest problem. Another is if holes start appearing in your plaster walls or in your pantry goods. You may even find piles of fibers and thread in the corners of your home – materials that mice use to build their nests.

It is best to act preemptively.

Get the work done while you can, because once the weather cools, you might have a problem on your hands sooner than later. Once inside, mice and rats will raid your pantry, set up nests, and start breeding. A few mice can turn into dozens very quickly. A single female can produce 15 litters a year with each litter averaging 10 to 12 pups (baby mice). Each of those pups will reach sexual maturity within 2 months and will be ready to reproduce. So it is best to call in a professional early before you end up with a whole family of pocket-sized burglars.

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