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Home Blog Fruit Flies: How to Get Rid of Them for Good

Fruit Flies: How to Get Rid of Them for Good

Warm weather seasons have always been those which bring out all varieties of creepy crawlies. With the summer heat in full swing, you may find that your home has been invaded by any number of unwanted pests. While there are those for which you will undoubtedly want to speak to some pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection, there are some you can take care of yourself with just a few simple tools.

Fruit flies are a common concern for those who live in tropical climates. However, these silent pests can affect homes everywhere, even in cooler climates. The key to getting rid of a fruit fly problem before it starts is early detection. The longer these tiny annoyances are allowed to remain inside, the more likely they are to begin breeding and turning a small problem into a veritable nightmare.

What Exactly are Fruit Flies?

Though their tiny size might make these common pests seem identical, the truth is that what we generally call fruit flies are actually several different species belonging to the Drosophilae family of flying insects. What they all have in common is their attraction to fruit and the odors produced by fermentation. If you have dealt with a fruit fly invasion before, you’ll know that no glass of beer or wine should ever be left unguarded, lest you look away for a moment and find yourself with a ruined beverage that is home to an insect graveyard. These annoying flying bugs may be shy at first once you start swatting them away, but once they reproduce enough, they can become incredibly aggressive in groups.

The key is to get rid of fruit flies before they have the opportunity to become too numerous. They are a relatively long-lived species of insect, with some having a lifespan which can last as long as around 300 days. This gives them ample opportunities to breed and leave you with a full blown pest control issue before you know it.

How Do They Get In?

Unfortunately if you have a problem with fruit flies, it is likely that you brought them inside without even knowing it. The females of most varieties of the species lay their eggs in the outer layers of fresh fruit. The process they use to puncture produces a small indentation which eventually begins to change color. However, for the first few days, this indentation is virtually invisible, and the eggs are so small that they are unlikely to be seen with the naked eye. The last time you bought fruit can be considered the first day of your home’s invasion by fruit flies.

It is also possible that you’re a totally innocent victim. Fruit flies are incredibly attracted by the smell of fruit, or fermentation. They will easily fly through tiny spaces in your windows or doors to get to whatever smell has tickled their senses. If you live in an area prone to fruit flies, it is vital to avoid leaving cut fruit out in the open for too long. This will make your home a less appealing target.

How Do You Get Rid of Them?

A simple trick for getting rid of fruit flies actually involves using their powerful sense of smell against them. Though they have excellent olfactory senses, these tiny pests are also completely blind. To get rid of them, all you need to do is attract their sense of smell, and then exploit their lack of sight.

A Simple Fruit Fly Deathtrap includes:

  • A glass or plastic cup
  • Bait! This can be Wine, cut pieces of fruit (preferably overripe), or vinegar with a bit of

sugar mixed in

  • Plastic wrap
  • A toothpick

To free your home from unwanted fruit flies, simply place your bait in a cup and cover the top with plastic wrap making sure to create a tight seal. Using a toothpick, poke several holes in the plastic wrap, spreading them out somewhat randomly and without making any of the holes too large. This is all you’ll need to be free of fruit flies in a manner of days. The smell of the bait wafts through the small holes to attract the flies, but their poor vision prevents them from finding the holes to escape. Liquid bait like wine as preferable, as it will drown most of the flies which makes it easier to dispose of them.

Fruit flies normally congregate in kitchens, but truly awful infestations can affect other parts of the home as well. Make a trap for any affected rooms in order to prevent any surviving pests from breeding.

If the problem continues even after using this trick, contact pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection to get rid of the problem completely.

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