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Home Blog New Methodology for Bypassing Powerful Pesticides Against Bed Bugs

New Methodology for Bypassing Powerful Pesticides Against Bed Bugs

Waging war against bed bugs without insecticides used to be thought of as a losing battle. These crafty critters can hide just about anywhere, making them difficult for the inexperienced to detect. Their populations grow quickly and homeowners who do not receive a timely bed bug inspection and treatment can find their bedrooms infested with hundreds of bed bugs. Worse yet is their ability to survive in hostile environments. Starving them out does not seem to work. By the time they become vulnerable, patience is frayed to the point where one is willing to be exposed to the toxic elements of extreme pest control. This should be the last resort only to be administered when all other natural methods have been exhausted.

Know The Enemy

When battling bed bugs, knowledge about what you are up against is paramount to formulating an effective attack. Generally speaking, these tiny insects are parasites that feed off of your blood. Left to their own devices, the bed bug will have a series of three small successive bites to fully feed during a session. Most of the time they like to strike in the dark a few hours before dawn. They find you by detecting the high level of carbon dioxide that you exhale. While they can not fly, their jumping and scaling ability allow them to effectively reach most places in your home. With all of this in mind, we can not only defeat these insects but also escape their feedings while this process plays out.


Since they most likely strike at night when a person is sleeping, the bed bug likes to camp in a place where it is close to their food source. The mattress and box spring are most likely where the greatest concentration of them will be. A choice is to be made while extermination proceedings in regards to the bedding. Most of the time it is not cost effective to throw the mattress and box spring out right away. Instead, buy covers that completely encase each level of the bed. The money saved from the possible reclamation of both items can be invested in a professional to conclude and verify the eradication of the pest from the residence.

Flame to a Moth

Our aim to draw more of this insect out of other hiding spots is to ring their dinner bell loud and clear. Dry ice will be their beacon for the trap we are going to lay. An inverted dog food bowl with the dry ice in the middle is the bait. The lip and walls on the inside portion of the bowl should be dusted with talcum powder. Bed bugs will climb the outer wall to their tasty treat. Falling into the trap, the talcum powder prevents them from climbing out. Not only will this help in drawing them out but one can assess the magnitude of infestation.

Dry Them Out

Most living creatures need a certain level of water in their system to survive and the bed bug is no exception. An all natural way to achieve this dehydration is by using diatomaceous earth. This substance comes in fine powdery form. By lightly dusting floor boards, crevices, and paths to rooms, these bed bugs will march through this substance. It will adhere to them and cause them to rapidly dry out. Deprived of moisture, these pests soon die off.

120 Degrees

All excess bedding and clothing should be isolated in plastic garbage bags while the residence is being attended to. Do not use your own washer and dryer for this stage. Drowning them will not work in the laundromat. The way to eliminate them from clothing and bedding is in the dryer. Over 120 degrees is the benchmark where these creatures can not survive. Once this happens, use new garbage bags to transport the clothes, blankets, and sheets back to your home.

How much is your peace of mind and health worth to a person? The aforementioned process helps to circumvent the administration of strong pesticides by nonprofessionals. Do not take the temporary disappearance of this vermin as a complete victory. They are crafty and can survive prolonged periods without feeding. The only tried and true method to keep your peace of mind at the end is to enlist the services of a pest control professional. They can not only perform the final steps but the inspection to verify that the enemy has been vanquished. Battling bed bugs is a traumatic experience that does not have to endanger the health of you and loved ones by utilizing toxic pesticides that could have damaging effects for many years to come.

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