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Home Blog Is Your Restaurant Up to Code?

Is Your Restaurant Up to Code?

Every restaurant must always be ready for a visit form the health inspector, because just like your fourth kid, they’re unexpected and unannounced. So if you are an owner or a manager, how do you constantly keep up to code?

We recommend keeping a checklist, paying special attention to critical items but not forgetting the non-critical ones.

What are these items?

Critical Items

  • Proper hand washing stations and techniques
  • Make sure food is coming from an approved source
  • Ensure cooked foods are rapidly chilled in appropriate amount of time
  • Check to make sure commercial dishwashers have the correct sanitizer concentration
  • Assure there has been no cross-contamination between raw and cooked or ready to serve products

Non-Critical Items

  • Labeled food storage containers
  • Current operator permit
  • Properly calibrated meat thermometers
  • Floors, walls and ceilings properly cleaned
  • Employee changing or break area is separate from kitchen
  • Potentially Hazardous Foods

It is important to correct non-critical items ASAP as these are problems that when gone unchecked lead to larger problems such as rat and roach infestations.


After ensuring your work area is safe and clean, the next step is to ensure is that the staff is knowledgeable of the local health codes. Inspectors love quizzing people and they weigh the answers when they are grading. To get up to date information on New Jersey’s Health Code, please visit: http://www.nj.gov/military/vmh-policies/18-02-001A.pdf


If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the section below or give us a call/quick email. We are happy to answer.

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