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What’s the Buzz This Spring?

Protecting You and Your Home From Yellow Jackets and Wasps!

Springtime is a good time to start thinking about wasp and yellow jacket control and learning how to prevent them from establishing themselves around your home. Yellow jackets and wasps have yearly cycles that are predictable. You can stop them from populating near your home if you know what to look for.

Yellow jackets and wasps are similar in appearance to bees, but they are not the same. Wasps have slender, shiny bodies and range in color from black or brown to yellow or white. Their bodies usually have that are more than one color. Then there are yellow jackets, which are a type of wasp that has black and yellow irregular stripes. Bees, even though they are the same colors as yellow jackets, have bulkier bodies and a more fuzzy appearance.

Bees have no interest in humans or their barbecues and picnics. They are interested in nectar and pollen. Wasps and yellow jackets, on the other hand, are sometimes interested in human activities. Certain types of wasps, such as the western yellow jacket, are attracted to sweet foods at picnics. Other types of wasps, like the bald-faced hornet or the aerial yellow jacket, normally leave humans alone unless their nest is attacked.

The nests of wasps have a papery appearance. Aerial yellow jackets and bald-faced hornets build their nests in bushes and trees while wasps sometimes build their nests under the eaves of a home. Western yellow jackets tend to build in the ground, in crevices and openings in concrete or wood, or in holes rodents have made in the ground.

Wasps leave their nest for winter, and their queen finds a safe space to hide out until warmer weather approaches. Once spring weather rolls around, she will find a new place to build a nest. This is the time to be on the lookout for wasps and nest building.

To prevent nest building, fill in any holes and seal any cracks or crevices around your home. Small nests can be removed before they grow. Wasps don’t reuse their nests from the last year, but it’s best to check with an expert before removing a nest that appears dormant.

There are different types of wasp control. The one type is a trap that give off pheromones to attract mated wasp queens. These are meant to kill the queen before she lays eggs. They work to a certain extent, but can’t capture every queen in a neighborhood. When summer arrives, the wasp population will increase. There are also other types of traps that use sweet-tasting chemicals or homemade mixes that attract and kill wasps. These can help to thin out the population. They should be placed away from areas where people gather since the sweet scent attracts the wasps.

When eating outside, you should take precautions in order to avoid being stung by yellow jackets or wasps. Unlike honey bees, wasps can sting more than once. However, their stingers aren’t barbed and won’t be left behind in your skin. Still, it’s best to be cautious. Cover up food at a picnic until it’s time to eat to avoid letting wasps get into the sweeter foods. When drinking any beverage, cover your drink to avoid being stung by a wasp that has decided to take a sip when you weren’t looking.

Pest control for wasps involves being vigilant in the springtime and then minimizing exposure to wasps as summer arrives. A professional pest control service like UltraPro Pest Protection can help to examine areas where nests might be built. They can also treat areas likely to be nest-building sites to prevent nests from being built and to help your home. Getting started on wasp awareness in the spring can make the warmer weather more pleasant. A head start now could mean a wasp-free yard this summer.

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