Removing Bird & Waterfowl Pests in NY and NJ

Removing Bird & Waterfowl Pests In Ny And Nj


Bird droppings can cause slippery walking conditions, increasing your risk of work-related accidents. You building exterior is also at risk. Bird droppings are corrosive and will eat away at building finishes causing costly repairs and additional maintenance.

Know that a few birds can eventually turn into infestations. Birds stick together and are very persistent once they settle in. Our Integrated Pest Management Specialists can help rid your home or business of a bird infestation safely and effectively – getting you back to your normal, daily routine.

Why Are Canada Geese Overpopulated?

The current estimated population of resident Canada geese in the eastern U.S. is greater than one million birds; in New Jersey alone, there are an estimated 81,000 individuals (based on 2012 surveys). These extraordinary numbers are the result of a combination of several factors. First, Canada geese are extremely adaptable and benefit significantly from human dominated landscapes. Large expanses of mowed lawns adjacent to stormwater detention basins, landscape designs typical of corporate campuses, residential developments, and golf courses, are perfect habitat for Canada geese, which prefer open land adjacent to bodies of water. Detention basins provide refuge from predators. These turf lawns are often heavily fertilized, increasing their quality as a food resource. In addition, as many Canada geese nest in urban/suburban landscapes, where fewer predators exist, nest and gosling survival are high. Finally, recreational hunting of Canada geese is less popular relative to other waterfowl; therefore, adult survival is high.

The Problem with Pigeons: Biology and behavior

Pigeons inhabit lofts, church steeples, attics, caves and ornate architectural features of buildings where openings and flat surfaces allow roosting, loafing and nest building. Nests consist of sticks, twigs and grasses clumped together to form a crude platform.

The birds subsist on spilled or improperly stored grain, garbage or other food materials people provide for them intentionally or unintentionally. In some urban areas, feeding pigeons is a form of recreation.

Pigeons are monogamous, having only one mate at a time, and pigeon populations usually have an equal number of males and females. The male cares for and guards the female and the nest. Eight to 12 days after mating, the female lays one or two eggs. About 18 days later, the eggs hatch. The young pigeons, or squabs, are fed a secreted substance called pigeon milk and leave the nest at 4 to 6 weeks of age. More eggs are usually laid before the first young have left the nest. Breeding occurs throughout the year, but peak reproduction is in the spring and fall.

Domesticated pigeons can live 15 or more years. However, in urban populations, few pigeons live for more than three or four years.


Why Bird Management is Critical to Homes and Businesses

  • Birds, bird droppings and nesting materials carry transmittable diseases and ectoparasites.
  • Bird droppings are highly acidic and can stain and corrode building materials.
  • Birds can contaminate food production and inventory when they nest in warehouses.
  • Regular cleanup of bird droppings can cost businesses thousands of dollars every year.
  • Bird nests can clog drains and pose a fire risk near lighting or other features.
  • Bird droppings can be a liability by creating a slip and fall risk.

UltraPro Pest Approach to Bird Containment

  • A thorough inspection of the site to evaluate your bird problem and potential pest solutions.
  • Habitat modification that discourages birds from nesting or roosting on your property.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your property to maintain a pest free environment.

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