Removing Rodents: Mice and Rats in NY and NJ

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Removing Rodents

How to identify rodents:

Rodents are mammals with oversized front teeth for gnawing which can cause significant damage to your home. They are notorious for breeding often and year round. Due to their body structure, they can bend and squeeze into tiny spaces that you would not expect them to be able to maneuver. Above, Deer Mouse (L) and Norway Rat (R)

How you get rodents:

Mice and rats access your home seeking food, water, and warmth. They can squeeze through small holes the size of a quarter! Therefore, they can inhabit the many areas of your home, moving from walls to ceilings, crawl spaces, and attics.

How to prevent rodents:

Sealing up food properly is the most important step to prevent rodents. Cleaning up crumbs and garbage regularly, keeping tight seals on stored food, and not leaving vegetables out in the open. Working with neighbors to keep garbage bins clean is crucial to keeping them out of your area.

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents are very aware of changes in their environment which can make them very dangerous. They will carry and spread many infectious diseases as well as carry ticks and fleas into your home. Handling a rodent on your own can be hazardous for these reasons.

How we get rid of rodents:

Since handling rodents can be very dangerous, having a professional help set up traps and plant poison in strategic areas is necessary to keep your home safe from pests, as well as your family and children.

Signs of an Infestation

There are a handful of ways to tell if house mice have made your home their own, including the following telltale signs of an infestation:

  1. Gnaw marks: Gnaw marks may be either rough or smooth.
  2. Droppings: House mouse droppings may be either soft and moist or dried and hard. The droppings measure about 1/8-1/4 inch long. They are rod shaped and pointed on the ends.
  3. Tracks: House mice leave 4-toed prints with their front feet and 5-toed prints with their hind feet.
  4. Rub marks: House mice often leave oily rub marks on walls along which they travel.
  5. Burrows: House mice burrow using nesting materials such as insulation.
  6. Runways: House mice usually use the same pathways. Active runways are sometimes visible, with rub marks, droppings, and footprints along them.
  7. Odor: The odor of house mouse urine may become distinct if there is a large number of house mice in a particular area. House mice use their strong-smelling urine to communicate with one another.
  8. Damaged goods: Mice prefer seeds or cereals but will readily eat insects trapped on glue boards.
  9. Actual rodent: If you see a mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor, there is likely a family of mice hiding out of sight.

Getting Rid of House Mice

If you suspect a house mouse infestation, contact UltraPro Pest Protection to conduct an inspection and recommend a proper course of treatment to get rid of house mice.

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