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How to identify beetles:

Beetles are often mistaken for cockroaches, but can usually be identified by looking at its wings. Beetles have four wings, clear antennae, and chewing mouthparts. The front wings fold down and cover the back wings. Beetles come in many shapes and sizes. Some can be long and thin, others are round or oval shaped, and some resemble spiders rather than a beetle.

How you get beetles:

Beetles eat plants, small insects, and fibers. The most common beetle to find in your home is the Carpet beetle, which feeds on wools and fabrics found in your carpeting. While certain beetles can be beneficial in your garden, consuming other less friendly pests and bugs in the backyard, they can also be a problem when they start to eat the wood in your home or grow into clusters where hundreds of beetles can live together at a time.


How to prevent beetles:

Carpet beetles can be prevented by vacuuming regularly and keeping your carpet and clothing clean. Removing any birds or bees nests around the home can also be beneficial as beetles often lay eggs in these nests. Keep unused clothing items sealed away, but open closets for a few hours each day to expose these items to sunlight.


Are beetles dangerous?

While beetles may not be directly hazardous to human health, they can cause a lot of damage to your home. They will eat the wood in furniture and the fibers in carpets, fabrics, and clothing.


How we get rid of beetles:

Since many different types of beetles give you problems, it is important to talk to a professional to see what kind of beetle is infesting your home and build a comprehensive plan to remove them from your house before they cause significant damage.

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