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How to identify earwigs:

Earwigs can have a broad range in size, from 5-25mm. They are slender insects with two pairs of wings. They have pincers on the back of their abdomen used for self-defense and fighting other earwigs, and let out poor-smelling liquid for defense. They also produce pheromones to help bring other earwigs closer to they can cluster together. They are active at night and stay in dark, damp areas during the day.

How you get earwigs:

Earwigs are attracted to light. They become problems on porches and patios in the summer evenings and can be found under cushions overnight. They travel indoors in the winter looking for food and warmth.

How to prevent earwigs:

Keeping hiding places for earwigs like logs, stones, and firewood away from the home and foundation. Keeping a dry zone surrounding your house at least 6”  from the foundation will keep earwigs away. Shine outdoor lights away from the house to the yard to attract bugs away from your home. Keep screens in good repair and use dehumidifiers to keep your home dry. Caulk all doors and windows to make sure there are no entryways for these pests.

Are earwigs dangerous:

Luckily, while earwigs look dangerous with their large pincers coming from their abdomen, they do not bite and are not poisonous.

How we get rid of earwigs:

Our experts will be able to place traps and find infestations and put an end to them quickly and effectively.

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