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How to identify fleas:

Adult fleas are small, wingless bugs with a shiny reddish brown color with microscopic hair. They have six long legs and can jump very considerable distances to get from host to host. They have thin, flat bodies to travel through the animal fur. They can be seen moving in animal fur and will cause skin redness.

How you get fleas:

Fleas feed on blood and require a living host to survive. They are often brought indoors on other pests like rodents who come in through cracks and holes in your home. Once the host is removed, the fleas can come in and attack other living hosts, like pets and even humans.


How to prevent fleas:

The first step to flea prevention is to keep your yard clean. Keeping your grass mowed and shrubbery trimmed makes it harder for these pests to hide. When your pets come inside from playing, give them a quick check or comb through their coat to make sure they are not bringing anything into your home.  There are also many flea prevention treatment chemicals. Keeping your home clean by vacuuming long carpets where fleas like to hide, and spend extra time in areas where your pets sleep or spend extra time.


Are fleas dangerous?

Fleas feed off blood, so if they enter your house they will try and feed off you and your pets; potentially sharing one of the many infectious diseases they can carry. Fleas also travel through very dirty areas, and often eat and land in fecal matter, so they can carry germs wherever they jump.


How we get rid of them:

When we remove fleas, we will implement both a physical method by removing ticks from you and your pets and cleaning your home, and chemical methods to kill hard to find fleas and to make sure they don’t come back.

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