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How to identify gnats:

Gnat is a term for any small winged insect in the fly family. Gnats come in many different species and can have different characteristics, biting and non-biting, plant eaters, insect eaters, and blood feeders. The males gather together in large mating groups and come out at dusk above streets and open fields. Adults are usually no greater than 33mm.


How you get gnats:

Gnats are tiny and can enter the house in any number of different openings and cracks to find food.

How to prevent gnats:

The best way to control gnats is to find any plants with wet soil and let the ground thoroughly dry before watering it again, killing off the larva in the ground. Adult gnats can be removed with a vacuum cleaner from certain areas and will require professional help for others.


Are gnats dangerous?

While gnats do not carry disease and don’t bite humans, they can still be quite annoying, and no one wants uninvited guests in their house.


How we get rid of gnats:

While outside traps can help control the population of gnats, they can also kill many beneficial insects. Inside traps that emit ultraviolet light can contribute to killing individual gnats, but are often ineffective in eliminating the entire infestation. Our professionals will use a combination of these techniques as well as use special chemical treatments to help rid your home of your gnat infestation.

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