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How to identify millipedes:

Millipedes are long brownish, segmented insects with two pairs of legs per segment. They range from 2.5 to 4 cm long. These bugs typically live outside in damp places, gardens, and flowerbeds; and eat dead leaves and decaying wood.


How you get millipedes:

Millipedes migrate during the fall to prepare for winter or sometimes will migrate into homes after heavy rainfall. They often enter through basement doors, crawlspaces, and garages. In a dark, undisturbed basement, millipedes can be very active. They are often found in basements, but also in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms due to the moisture.

How to prevent millipedes:

To prevent millipedes, keep your home dry with dehumidifiers or air conditioning, and keep mulch and firewood away from the base of your home. Weather stripping under doors is also important to keep up with as this is a common place for many bugs to enter.


Are millipedes dangerous?

While millipedes are not directly poisonous, many species can release toxins that can cause allergies in humans. Some contain hydrochloric acid that can burn skin and cause discoloration. It is important not to handle millipedes with your bare hands or get these chemicals in your eyes.


How we get rid of millipedes:

Since millipedes can contain dangerous chemicals, it is important to call a professional to help remove them. Your professional can use effective chemical treatments on entryways and hiding points where millipedes accumulate.

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