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How to identify mosquitoes:

Mosquito’s have a single pair of wings and long, thin legs and a prominent proboscis, a tube-like mouth used to pierce the skin and consume hosts blood. They are relatively small, ranging from 3-9 mm in size. They typically come out at night time or in dark, shady areas.


How you get mosquitoes:

Female mosquitoes consume the blood of hosts to produce eggs and will lay their eggs in standing pools of water. They can lay as much as 100 eggs at a time.


How to prevent mosquitos:

Remove standing water like birdbaths, buckets, puddles of mud, and other areas that can accumulate water around your home. Getting rid of these areas will stop them from breeding.


Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Mosquito’s bites can vary among people from mild to intense irritation and swelling. In extreme cases, mosquitoes can carry disease, as seen in recent Zika scares. But mosquitoes are among the deadliest insects in the world. Read more here>>


How we get rid of mosquitoes:

While removing water can help kill and prevent mosquitoes, in severe infestations we use chemical solutions to kill off mosquitoes for the long term.

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