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Pest Control

Keep critters and crawlers out of your home and out of your place of business. As Guardians of Our Environment, our expert technicians will ensure that your home is rid of insects and rodents and protected against future invasions.
UltraPro Pest Protection can remove pests using 100% green and organic treatments that are sure to protect your home or business. We choose to use natural solutions for pest and insect extermination over heavy chemicals that will ensure that you family and pets are safe from harsh toxins.

Rodents and Small Animals

Mice, and worse rats, destroy property, raid your pantry, and carry hosts of disease. The same goes for squirrels and raccoons that may find their way into your walls or ceilings. Our pest control experts will remove any rodents and will apply a barrier to your home or business to keep mice and rats out. The fall and winter seasons are the biggest seasons for in-home mice infestations because as the weather cools, rodents seek out warmth, shelter, and food to survive. Call in an UltraPro Professional early, and head off any pest problems before they occur.

Ant Control and Elimination

Carpenter Ants can destroy your home while House Ants and Flying Ants are constant nuisances. Large or small, brown or black, destructive or just plain annoying, we will eliminate and repel ants from your home.

Stink Bug Removal and Prevention

Lady Bugs and Stink Bugs are not harmful to humans, but they can quickly swarm the insides of your home or business and prove to be difficult, and unpleasant (they don’t call them stink bugs for nothin’) to remove. UltraPro Pest Control has the solution to removing these fall and spring pests, as well as measures that can prevent them from ever getting inside your home or store.

Bee and Wasp Removal

Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Carpenter Bees, and Honey Bees are a constant summer nuisance. Ensure that you and your family are safe from bee stings by having a UltraPro technician search the exterior of your home, under decks, swing sets, inside storage sheds, within bushes, and in trees that are lining the yard for signs of bee and wasp nests. UltraPro can treat homes to prevent Yellow Jackets and Wasps from building nests for up to six months. Carpenter Bees and Honey Bees can be removed quickly and the areas and be treated to prevent future pest problems.

Mosquito Control

Not only are mosquitos the primary carrier and transmitter of West Nile Virus, their saliva has been suggested to exacerbate the West Nile Virus infection. Keep your family virus and bite free with our range of mosquito repellant and protection services.

Eliminate Fruit Flies

One of the largest pest problems for restaurants and bars, grocery stores, and at home in the kitchen. They swarm everything and have a knack for going from a few to a few hundred in a blink of an eye. Our professionals will remove fruit flies and apply preventative measures to keep them away.

Bed Bug Removal

Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite with UltraPro at your side. For more information on bed bugs and our Bed Bug Control services click here.

Termite Control

Eliminate and protect your home against termites that can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home or business. Find more information on our Termite Control services here.

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Call Anytime (800) 596-8385


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