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How to identify silverfish:

Silverfish are long, teardrop-shaped insects with a gray, brownish color. They can range from 12-20 mm long. They have long antennae and three long bristles on the rear. They thrive in dark, damp climates like basements and bathrooms, and found in boxes stored away in the garage or shed.


How you get silverfish:

Silverfish search for warm, damp places, and feed off paper, clothing, and wallpaper. They are small and flat, allowing them to crawl in through a number of entry points. Silverfish reproduce very quickly, so once they are in your home, the population can get our of control quickly.


How to prevent silverfish:

Making sure there is no leaking in your plumbing will help keep your home dry along side a dehumidifier will help keep conditions for silverfish minimal. Make sure food sources are stored in tight containers, although silverfish have been found to enter previously unopened food containers so make sure you are not keeping food in unnecessarily moist places.


Are silverfish dangerous:

While silverfish do not carry disease or bite, they can do damage to your home in other ways, like eating though your paperwork, books, clothing, wallpaper, and pantry food.

How we get rid of silverfish:

Silverfish are fast, stealthy, and reproduce quickly so setting traps on your own will not usually do the job, and rather just eliminate individual pests. Our expert team will help to remove the source of your problem and help find and seal entry points and use treatment methods to eliminate all remaining silverfish that may be in your home.

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