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Stink Bugs

How to identify stink bugs:

Stink bugs are a brownish looking bug almost as wide as it is long, with piercing, sucking mouthparts and straight antennae. These pests eat mostly plant matter, although some can be predators of other insects.

How you get stink bugs:

Stink bugs eat lots of fruits and are known to feed on apples, peaches, berries, tomatoes, corn, beans, and peppers left out in the house. During the winter months, they move inside through small cracks and other openings to find food and warmth. They then stay in hiding until spring comes and the enter your living space.


How to prevent stink bugs:

Sealing up entryways with caulk and putting screens on vents and crawl spaces can help, but once these bugs are in for the winter, you will need a professional to remove them when they emerge in the spring.


Are stink bugs dangerous?

Sting bugs are not immediately harmful to humans, but they can cause significant damage to agriculture and orchards, and release a very foul smell when crushed, so killing them yourself is not your best option.


How we get rid of stink bugs:

Since killing these bugs is not a good choice, as it will stink up your whole house, choose to bring in a professional to locate their hiding spots, and vacuum them up. Outside treatments can include traps and chemicals, as well as identifying and sealing entry points.

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