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How to identify termites:

Termites typically range from .25”-.5” long, with queens and kings reaching over an inch long. The main population are typically soft-bodied and pale. Some termites can fly, with two pairs of visible wings. Termites diet consumes mostly of dead plants and trees. They get nutrients from organic fibers found in wood and other plant matter, but wood is the majority of their diet, which is a problem because all homes, regardless of construction type, can contain these types of fibers and wood


How you get termites:

Termites can enter your home through the smallest of spaces, as small as 1/32 of an inch. They typically live underground and enter homes through the basement in areas where the ground touches wood. (hint – your home’s foundation!)


How to prevent termites:

Since termites usually prefer moist wood, the best way to prevent your home from termites is to get rid of any unnecessary moisture near the home. This involves keeping water out of your foundation, repairing any leaking water pipes and air conditioning units, keeping your gutters clean, and seal up areas surrounding water and utility lines. Keep lumber, firewood, stumps, and shrubbery away from the home, monitor decks for damage, and keep wood contact on your home away from the soil.


Are termites dangerous?

While termites are not known to bite humans, they can be very dangerous because termites eat the foundations of our homes. The damage to the structure of your home could lead to holes in the floors, ceilings, or even cause a collapse.


How we get rid of termites:

Removing termites is a job for professionals with knowledge of construction and access to tools like drills, pumps and soil treatments. Our experts are trained to identify and seal entry points and test for moisture levels that are causing problems. We then have two options of removing existing termites: liquid treatments and bait. Soil baits can be very effective as termites can no longer return to the soil and will die. Baiting is a very complex form of treatment involving leaving paper or cardboard for termites to eat pulling termites out cutting down on the population. The key to termite safety is to identify termite problems early before they can cause serious damage to your home.


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