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How to identify ticks:

Ticks are small, often around the size of a sunflower seed, but can be larger if engorged with blood. Ticks are typically found in the woods or other areas with a lot of vegetation. Ticks feed on blood, and do not have a preferred host, and will bite anything. Ticks have only six legs in the early stages of life and will grow to have eight in their adult lives.


How you get ticks:

Ticks will enter your home on you, your pets, or any other animal that can get into your home. They latch onto your body for feeding and require great care to remove.

How to prevent ticks:

Make sure to wear long jeans when going out hiking or camping, and check yourself, your kids, and your pets before re-entering your home after being outside in tick-infested areas.


Are ticks dangerous?

Ticks can carry dangerous pathogens and transfer them by blood to their hosts. They are difficult to remove, and crushing them can release further harmful bacteria and disease.


How we get rid of ticks:

When removing ticks, you should not use your hands and opt to use tweezers to grab onto them. Being careful not to crush the body, grasp the tick as close as possible to the tip of the head and pull it off the host, and be sure to remove any and all mouthparts from the victim’s skin. Isolate the tick in an enclosed container and wash your hands as well as any infected areas.

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